It has been 2 years since DDM Recordings never stops scrutinizing the new French scenes to bring to the foreground the best talents. Created in 2014, the label was made a speciality accompanying young projects to make them hatch, to support the artists since sometimes their very first productions. In the beginnings of the adventure, a blog, Dealer de Musique, which was made a special place among talent scouts, and of which the team fast felt that its desires for discovery went beyond a simple playlist or beyond a YouTube channel. If the blog continues its mission, the label is the logical result.

What defines DDM Recordings, it is an open-mindedness: the produced artists sweep various universes, of the electro music-pop in the House, the R&B in the Trip-Hop. Especially, the team makes it a point of honor in the fact that the work studio and the releases of new projects give rise to the real live performance. If the DJ sets are today important, the real live show is the key. Møme, certainly the most mature project of the label, proved him by skimming the festivals and the French rooms, just like BLOW, who shines in 2017. Other young artists, because it is always about young projects, as InClose, Clem Beatz, BLOWSOM or still Seth XVI, are thus insured to benefit from the robust experience of DDM Recordings.

Often, these artists are guitarists, pianists, multi-instrumentalists, reconvert to musician electronic, assuring(insuring) this subtle mixture enters beats and melodies so expensively to DDM Recordings. With Mirage Studio, the last complementary branch to the project DDM, the team can allow to produce and to realize its own videoclips & live reports, to share the wings of its projects with the followers of the label. In 2016, a studio was also settled in the DDM office to allow the projects to mature, to perfect them live and to record their successive creations. It is a true long-term support for the artists signed by the team of music passionates. Because if DDM Recordings is open-minded, its team still knows where to go.


DDM Recordings is a Parisian independent label of an eclectic electronic music. Our structure created officially in 2015 bets on the long-term development of every artistic project. It advises and directs on the artistic direction while respecting the universe appropriate to the artists. Furthermore, it produces and also finances the releases of every project. The artists can also benefit from a management by our care, to offer a human support on a daily basis, a very big reactivity to meet the expectations of the artist, to find him/her the adequate partners, even to finance its development. The purpose remains the same: make every project grow up.



ASTT Publishing is the DDM music publishing agency created in 2016, which works hand in hand with Universal Publishing, Alter K, GUM or Budde. The constitution of this catalog favors a more ambitious development of the artists already signed in label on DDM Recordings.

2017: Price of the Original song of the year / Streaming in the 7th edition of the Prices of the "Création Musicale de la Chambre Syndicale de l'Edition Musicale" ( CSDEM) for the title "Møme - Aloha (feat. Merryn Jeann)".